Projects Page

Routine Management System

Our Routine Management System will help you create healthy habits, and help you remember certain tasks threw out your day! 

If you would like to check it out click the link bellow.


We wanted to do a long form text documentation as somethings require a alot of explanation especially if you never done these things before...  If text hurts your eyes mabe our visual bookstack platform be more benifical to you. 


GitHub is like our wiki website but is limited in storage and space as it's not hosted by us. Some people  like GitHubs layout, and so we try to publish to that platform for open source function .

Book Stack

This is our visual guide book. If you want pichures this is going to be your best friend. Please let us know if there's is any suggestions in tutorials that you would like to make.

We also are working on making social storys avaliable here as well . 


This is our front end site for streamlined orders  for products and services and hopefully reward systems as well one day.

Web Hosting / Email

ISP-Config, want to learn how to host your own powerful websites or services? Instead of using google sites ? Want to have your own custom email ? This is the place to go! 

Time Cards / Time Trex

If you need time card management for your business or if your an employee and need to clock in . The link below will get you to where you need to be . Ultimately documentation is key to keeping uncle Sam happy.

Invoice Ninja

As in the name this is a great app for managing thing of invoices. Even has a good time management system but not as good as time trex.
Reset Password Here: 

Cloud Storage/ NextCloud

Keeping data safe is a pain,  especially if your going to leave it there for a while. A thing called bit rot can occur among other things and having a backup is important.

That said 5GB of your files is really 10GB and so on. On top of that we make backups of the systems ... At the moment we don't have very much storage but have plenty of room for expansion. 

Remote Desktop

Either you need a more powerful pc for gaming or for office work ( Video Editing) This is going to be your go to

Time Lapse Camera 

We have a lot of individuals that were requesting the use of a time-lapse camera for watching progress of plants and what not.  Took this in mind and made a course on how to manufacture said item as part of an inventor course we are working on that I was once part of when I was younger.

AI Generated Text & Images

A lot of our individuals have been buying these services and have been getting scammed every which way, so we open up our own server! Please contact us for more information 

Project Good Behavior Soda Delivery

The idea of this is you provide the individual long term gratification to solving short term problems.

   The terms that we have found that work are every 3 days delivery of soda and or granola bar for increased participation and or good behavior . 

   With the idea in mind of having them eventually graduate this system and help others. 

Please contact us to inquire other methods of payment like insurance

Mini Plan

The idea of this project is to put equipment in the hands of creative individuals in hopes they can create works of art for themselves and once they get a collection and run out of space they can sell it online to someone who appreciates it just as much as them while they build up valuable works skills... Essentially, we break your equipment into multiple payments and should you not need equipment, we can repurpose it.

Please contact us to inquire other methods of payment like insurance 

Open Source Software

A lot of these sites are run off of open source software, and they are free for anyone of you to install on your own machines... I'll be honest it's a lot of work, on top of that getting the front end of the site going can be a process too.. And this is where we want to step in and help out , and work as a team. 

That said, there is so much free software out there that depending on what you need, it can be found.. Point is, you can go down a rabbit hole trying to install every service out there... And theses are the main general ones i found. If you need help with something, please let me know .